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creating, storage area

Technology pass thru, computer re-use program - outreach to find organizations with space to do 3+ month computer collection, refurbish and distribution.

References to what AR is. Applications downloads and videos for creating AR content. This is a general overview and introduction to doing AR. a work in progress.

This course is for middle school students. They will learn about multiple project activities that are designed for the raspberry pi computer.

The Virtual World (VW) Sandbox is the perfect tool for anyone creating a game or simulation. Offering a library of professional grade, highly-functional 3D assets, it is 100% open source, and built on HTML5. Best of all, it’s free and cloud-based, which means no installations are required and it can be deployed quickly.

A turnkey product developed by the government, VW Sandbox has no “per seat” licensing or vendor lock-in, so you can test or own the product with no strings attached. You can play or author simulations and games with any device that can access a web browser, and you are able to use the source code to build your own commercial product hosted on your own server.

Virtual World Sandbox

Project Open



following distributions on http://distrowatch.com and beyond

list and links w/ description of various linux distros

http://commuitypartners.org proposal process for fiscal management of a non-profit project

starting with a wikipedia taxonomy of academics

Here's my Ignite talk, btw never done a talk with powerpoint. ;) https://youtu.be/gkCYp_2AS14?t=42m11s